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Outrageous, LIVELY, bold, daring, zany

 original, intrepid, spunky, madcap, eccentric

To BE AUDACIOUS is to embrace living a vivid life filled with action, color and outrageous feeling!

Audacious Hoops channels the vim and vigor that founder, Miss A, has for all things hoop dance. Her passion is contagious. Welcome to the Audacious life where it feels good to explore movement, where you always have permission to be silly and simple plastic circles can be a gateway to personal discovery.

Miss A is a lifelong hula hooper (with photos to prove it) who has evolved from a contest winning, young hoop queen into a one woman, globe trotting whirlwind.   

Audacious Hoops began in 2006 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. For well over a decade, Miss A has shared her love of hoop dance across The Mitten state, performing at thousands of events and teaching countless classes and community programs for all ages. She founded two performance groups, The Atomic Hoop Troupe and the Audacious Hoopers. When not hooping at home, Miss A has toured extensively across three continents as a premier hula hoop entertainer. In 2019 Audacious Hoops relocated to New Orleans, Louisiana where the hoop joy continues to thrive!