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Audacious Hoops

"I've been taking lessons off & on for the last 5 - 6 years

and love it.  The classes are so much more fun than going to a gym to get a workout. Each class is different and she works with you to help with any tricks or dance movements your trying to improve. Don't think you're too old to try hooping, I've known Audria before is became Audacious."  - Jean O.

"At first I was a little afraid to try hooping

because I have zero coordination; but Audria is a great teacher and had me spinning my hoop in no time! I now own four Audacious hoops and have been attending hers classes for a few months. There is always new moves to learn so it never gets old. Its a fun new hobby and challenge for myself. I would highly recommend this class!" - Tara C.

"I love my new hoop!

It makes such a huge difference learning with a dance hoop. Just one day with my new hoop and I've improved so much! I will definitely buy more soon!" - Ellen T.

"We loved having Miss Audacious

at Elissa's birthday party. She is AWESOME!" - Laura Armenta

"Audacious Hoops!!

Bought my first hoop from her and it is still gorgeous looking even though it's skipped across concrete and I drop i daily...The quality is fantastic." - Kiki W.

"I wanted to thank you again

for the hoop moves! I am doing it at home nearly every day with my daughter...Seeing improvement and having fun." - Stiv Gravedoni

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"Hooping is honestly revolutionizing my life. 

Because of my disabilities, I've been physically inactive for ten years. Hooping is low impact on my joints. And, I feel the strongest I've been since I was like sixteen years old." - Kara