Custom Dance & Fitness Hoop    $35

 [3/4" 100 psi PE tubing]

The perfect, well rounded (ha!) hoop.

Get your groove on, or work up a sweat. This custom gem is great for beginners and seasoned hoopers alike.  

List two to three of your favorite colors under the "Your Tape" section after selecting the diameter (size) of your new hoop: ​Select 1 base tape & 1 grip tape & add optional accent tape. The base tape can be sparkly or metallic. Contact for more tape details and a list of the current selections.

IMPORTANT: Do not forget to pick a diameter in the drop down menu below. How do you know what size to select? A handy tip for beginners is to measure the distance from the floor to your belly button and use that measurement for your hoop size. Still not sure? Drop us a line and we will help custom fit your hoop. **Note: typically, the larger the hoop, the easier it is to use.


Be Audacious.

With Locally made, handcrafted hoops.

* Hoops are crafted in Grand Rapids, MI. Currently hoops are available for pickup and local delivery (within 5 miles of downtown GR) only. Miss Audacious regularly travels across the Mitten and potential delivery arrangements can be made if you are in beyond West Michigan. Hoops are ready for pickup within 1-2 weeks of purchase. Please leave a seller message with your contact info to arrange pickup/ delivery.   

Your Tape (Base, Accent, Grip)

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*Please ensure your correct email and phone # are included when you process your order via PayPal.

**​ Polypro hoops are also available. Email for more info.