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Q: What if I'm a beginner?

A: No experience is necessary! 

    We promise.

Q: What if I never could hoop?

A: With a properly sized hoop, a little instruction and some practice,

just about everyone finds success! 

​Q: I'm pregnant.

A: Many women hoop throughout pregnancy and even during labor. Please check with your doctor and notify us prior to class.

Other questions?


Class Details

  • Pre-registration required.
  • Hoops are provided for use during class and available for purchase.
  • Wear comfortable clothing. Avoid baggy apparel or slippery fabrics. Shorts and sleeveless tops are a plus. 
  • Bring water.
  • Bring a friend!
  • Be ready to get Audacious!


Perfect for all levels of experience, workshops goes above and beyond the usual class offerings, giving you an opportunity to explore fun and fresh movements. Find new ways to connect with your hoop, increase your skills and get a killer workout that is unlike any other.

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Expanded Hoop Dance

Super charge your hoop dance experience and expand your skills to the next level. Go beyond the basics, discover new transitions and develop a personal style and flow. You'll explore transitions, work with multiple hoops and dig deeper.

youth hoop dance

Young people are natural hoopers. This class channels youthful energy and explores what is possible with a hula hoop. Learn tricks, transitions and how to move within a hoop. And, have an Audaciously fun time!

Ages 6 - 14 (13+ welcome in adult classes with permission).

Hoop Dance (all levels)

Hoop Dance incorporates creative movement that goes beyond waist hooping. Bring the hoop up, down and off the body all while moving to music. You will

burn calories, tone your body, increase rhythm and learn to move with your hoop. Hoop Dance offers an excellent core workout and targets every area of the body, providing an aerobic experience within an exploration of creative dance.

Learn more at ACE and ACSM

Blast 200+ calories

every 30 minutes spent hula hooping!

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Power hoop fitness


 Blast calories, tone, build core strength and increase your stamina. Perfect for a daytime or evening boost, you will leave energized and invigorated. Different from other Hoop Dance classes, Power Hoop incorporates elements of traditional fitness methods to maximize results with the added fun of the hula hoop.



Want a killer core and a mastery of exciting hoop techniques? Audacious Hoops brings you the cutting edge in hoop dance and hoop fitness. You'll burn major calories, increase coordination, improve balance and tighten up head to toe. Plus, you can take your hoop practice beyond the basics and develop a personal style all your own.  

Whether you want to super charge after a long week or wind down from a hectic day,  dance with friends or perform with the circus, hooping is for everyone. It's the low impact workout that packs a punch.